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Mission Statement

At South Lake Middle School, it is our mission to engage all learners of all ages in a comprehensive educational process which helps them think clearly; communicate effectively; capitalize on change; assume responsibility; learn continuously; and prepare for the future.
We also embody our district's beliefs:
1. All decision making must be based on what is best for children academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.
2. South Lake Schools is a community of learners and all members of the community have a right to succeed.
3. High expectations lead to high achievement.
4. Attitude is more important than ability.
5. All members of the South Lake community are mutually accountable.
6. The diversity of our learning community is valued as a positive reflection of global society.
7. Teaching how to access information and how to examine information critically is more important than teaching specific factual knowledge.
We are offering students programs that lead to high achievement. We offer Spanish and Mandarin which can be taken for high school credit. We have honors classes in Math. Our 8th grade Honors Math class is the same as the 9th grade Algebra class and can be taken for high school credit. We have honors classes in English and Social Studies which allow for expanded critical thinking and the use of a
global perspective through novels and the Social Studies content. We expect that all students will strive to do their best and this is communicated to all students. We also offer support to students that need additional support to be successful through our Reading and Math support classes.